• Before i picked it up

  • I bought this 1990 civic si for $200 in july or august of 07, It had some ugly clear tail lights, battery relocation kit, and didn't have a hood, engine wire harness, gauge cluster, some interior trim, drivers side seat is ripped on the bolster and the seats didnt fit right i think they were out of a crx si, some of the trim was painted white and yellow but previous owner painted over that with black it looks alright but does need to be re done, the shifter/linkage was not connected, there is some rust/rot on quarter panels near wheel wells, and came with crappy rims/tires.

  • After i picked it up

  • I bought the engine wire harness and the shift linkage hooked that up put new ngk plugs/wires in and a oil change, re-mounted the battery relocation kit, put in a different injector resistor box, and put in a new TPS from a d16y7 and it started right up. i also had to put on a new gas door and popper. bought and hooked up the gauge cluster.

    I put on the exhaust and the muffler tip sticks out a lil to much so im going to cut the high flow cat down a couple inches.

    15" Acura El rims(center cap not on but i do have all of them).

    I took out the engine sold the mpfi swap.

    Im going to put in a d16z6 and convert to obd1 im getting the engine for $150 and im going to put on a d16y8 IM and LS throttle body.

    Mount bracket swapped over from the a6.

    Injector resistor wires connected to each other.

    P28 ecu and 92-95 si ecu plugs.

    New rear main seal, flywheel & clutch bolts torqued and they have loc tite on them, and si tranny mounted on.

    New alt. belt and si alt. swapped over.

    Dizzy plugs cut off of the si harness and z6 dizzy plugs put on.

    I traced back the fan switch wires and cut them down and put on the obd1 plug for it. vtec, 02, and injector plugs added to the si harness then i put a plug on the other end of the vtec and 02 wires to make it look factory and be able to be disconnected easily.

    Engine in and map plug extended purge plug extended and the clip was different so i changed it.

    B&M short shifter in.

    Header and cold air intake on.

    Stock ecu plugs cut off and obd1 ecu plugs put on data check wired in also. ecu under the ecu plate.

    94+ integra center console and the armrest bracket installed.

    Well good news she started right up runs good may burn a lil oil but during winter shes getting all new gaskets bearings and rings.

    Cd player i got.

    Exhaust cut down 2" and sitting better.

    Mk3 golf front lip installed and getting ready for a trim.

    Honda mtf.

    1987 accord glove box lock.

    Rear wheel arches.

    Energy Suspension trailing arm bushings installed and trailing arms painted.

    Passenger side wheel well getting ready to be cut out and new piece cut to size.

    Passenger side wheel well almost done.

    Driver side rust cut out.

    Rust on my hatch grinded down now i have to make some pieces to weld in.

    Passenger side panel welded in.

    Driver side panel welded in.

    Passenger side 1/4 panel first layer of duraglas.

    Had to add 2 small patches near the gas door.

    Rocker rust cut out and a piece welded in.

    Front passenger side rocker all welded in and first coat of duraglas on, body filler on now too.

    Patches welded in on hatch and first coat of duraglas, body filler on now too.

    First coat of duraglas on drivers side.

    Patches welded in on the passenger side door and duraglas on it..

    2-3 coats of filler on the passenger side.

    Body filler now on the driver side 1/4 panel.

    Filler primer now on the passenger side 1/4 panel.

    Found some rust on the roof so i had to take care of that then put some tiger hair then duraglas.

    Temp. primer on the rest of the working areas just so nothing happens to the areas.

    Working on the doors.

    Fenders are done.

    Everything primed.

    Chipped p28 ecu and Moates Xtreme Hulog.

    Acura el valve cover, valve cover gasket, and ngk wires.

  • Parts i have

  • The rear disc brake coversion set up came off a 1990 crx Si. The triple pillar gauge pod is carbon fiber. Tsunami distribution block. Tenrai 2.25" cat-back exhaust. radio mounting stuff. 94-00 integra center console. 91 civic ex 15/16" brake master cylinder. 90 civic si sway bar. 2.25" cold air intake. Eibach lowering springs. Mevotech ball joints. Tie rod ends. 5pc strut bar set. Guess it's good to have spare rims?

  • Stuff i need to do

  • ThingDone
    Get rear disc brake conversion sand blasted/Primed/Painted or powder coated.Yes
    Paint calipers blue and paint SI on them in red.No
    Replace metal where rust/rot was on the car.Yes
    Hook up shifter linkage.Yes
    Mount new gas door & popper.Yes

  • Parts i bought

  • PartDatePriceInstalled
    E-brake handle & bootN/A$25.00Yes
    Triple pillar gauge pod06/06/07$35.45No
    Owner's manual06/19/07$15.51In Car
    Stock radio harness09/01/07$15.00Yes
    Gauge Cluster09/04/07$45.00Yes
    Engine wire harness09/27/07$149.99Yes
    NGK Spark Plugs10/05/07$8.55Yes
    Radio Shack piezo buzzerN/A$3.00Yes
    Si Seats11/02/07$126.00Yes
    40/40 Brake Prop Valve12/13/07$39.99Yes
    SS Brake Lines12/29/07$66.95Yes
    Tsunami distribution block05/18/08$29.96Yes
    High Flow Catalytic Converter09/03/08$28.50Yes
    Tenrai catback exhaust09/09/08$174.00Yes
    Radio mounting kit09/16/08$2.00Yes
    Integra Center Console09/20/08$15.00Yes
    Cargo Cover11/16/08$55.99Yes
    Dome Light11/29/08$5.99Yes
    15/16" Master Cylinder12/2/08$25.00Yes
    90 si rear sway bar12/8/08$32.00Yes
    si rear bumper12/11/08$30.00Yes
    Cold air intake12/17/08$20.00Yes
    2.5" Intake bypass valve12/24/08$6.99Yes
    Eibach lowering springsN/A$20.00No
    B&M short shifter07/24/09$29.00Yes
    Honda MTF x212/09/09$13.64Yes
    1987 Accord glove box lock01/29/10$24.99No
    Rear wheel arches01/29/10$62.10Yes
    ES TA Bushings03/15/10$23.74Yes
    Chipped & Tuned p28 ecu12/13/11$50.00No
    Moates Xtreme HULOG Datalog Interface01/05/12$40.45No
    2 Mevotech ball joints01/23/12$26.26Yes
    Driver side Tie rod end01/25/12$3.80No
    Passenger side Tie rod end01/25/12$4.56No
    5pc strut bar set02/18/12$59.99Partially
    Felpro Valve Cover Gasket Set03/18/12$26.17Yes
    Ngk Spark Plug Wires03/18/12$45.06Yes
    Tsk driver side e-brake cable03/13/13$42.95Yes
    Tsk passenger side e-brake cable03/13/13$31.95Yes
    Rear Upper Control Arms & Toe Arms09/04/13$49.99Yes
    Spare Acura El RimsN/A$80.00No
    ES Shifter Bushing05/29/14$9.99Yes
    Blue Shift KnobN/AN/AYes
    Drilled & Slotted Rotors04/02/15$106.00No
    DNA Motoring Struts/Shocks04/04/15$91.99No
    Suede Shift Boot Blue Stitching04/11/15$6.23Yes

  • Parts i need to buy

  • Part
    Rear speaker mounts with trays
    3 2 1/16" gauges
    Tokico Illumina Struts & Shocks
    ASR rear subframe brace

  • 90 civic si specs

  • NameField
    Info Generation:Fourth generation(ED)
    Body style:3-door hatchback
    Engine Location:Front
    Drive Type:Front Wheel
    Weight:2291 lbs
    Original Retail Price (MSRP):$10,245
    Kelley Blue Book Price:$2,700 - $3,150
    Performance 0-60 mph:mid 8's
    1/4 Mile:N/A
    Top Speed:N/A
    Engine Engine Configuration:S
    Head Code:PM3
    Displacement:1590.00 cc | 1.6 L.(D16A6)
    Valves per cylinder:4
    Horsepower:108.00 HP (81 kW) @ 6000.00 RPM
    Torque:100.00 Ft-Lbs @ 5000.00 RPM
    Bore:75 mm
    Stroke:90 mm
    Compression Ratio:9.1:1
    Transmission Transmission:Manual
    Other City (mpg):28
    Highway (mpg):32
    Wheelbase:98.4 in (250 cm)
    Length:156.1 in (396 cm)
    Width:65.6 in (167 cm)
    Height:52.4 in (133 cm)
    Fuel Control:OBD-0 Multi-point PGM-FI
    Fuel capacity:45 L