• d16z6 Swap

  • Parts List:
    complete D16Z6 engine with distributor and intake manifold
    P28 ECU
    Transmission your stock 88-91 will bolt right up and work fine. Si will be better for performance, but the DX will work fine. Also, use the clutch, flywheel and pressure plate for your year of tranny.
    z6 wire harness and obd1 ecu plugs
    you should aslo do the timing belt and water pump while the engine is out.

    Preping the z6:
    You will have to swap over the driver side mount and trim the timing covers for it to fit.

    Use the flywheel, clutch, and pressure plate from the car the transmission came from.
    Remove the MAP sensor and purge control solenoid assembly from the firewall you wont need these since there already on the engine.